Natural Organic Ways To Cope With Eczema


Some people in my family have had serious eczema issues.So  we have developed and discovered ways to help prevent and heal the skin from serious break outs so with being said lets get started. The first you must understand is your environment.

You must learn what your triggers are. A plain oatmeal bath is your best friend with two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Run your self a tepid tub of water add the above ingredients and soak for 20 min. Your skin will thank you. Please just use plain oatmeal eczema does not like anything with perfume in it and just use white towels during a flare up to dry off  with.

The following recipe is is for a new friend of mine. Take 2 tablespoons of jojoba 1 table spoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of castor oil mix together well. Use on skin as soon as you get out of the shower. Watch how your skin will thank you. You may need to adjust recipe for your skin type.Feel free to leave comments or ask questions



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Give Your Water A Natural and Organic Boost


You know you must drink water but sometimes you may feel that water is just so boring. Well I looked around and found a couple ways that can take your water drinking experience to the next level.

1.Add lemon slices to a nice bottle of cold water or a pitcher.

2. You can add cucumbers and and a slice of melon to your seltzer water. You can do this with your regular water as well

3.Now if you want a real boost take a little edible peppermint oil and add just a dash to your water.

4.Basil is another natural way to spruce up your seltzer or non carbonated water. Just add a couple of leaves and let it sit for at least 30 minutes in your fridge then ad a lemon slice to it.

Natural and organic is the way to go when trying to keep healthy and beautiful.

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Natural and Organic Way To Attack Cellulite


Hello Ladies,
We all know the summer is upon us and with that comes bathing suit season. I will get right to the plan of attack.

You are going to need the following
1/3 cup of grape seed oil or more depending how much of and area you want to cover.
5 tablespoons of unused coffee grounds
5 tablespoons of coca
You are going to take these ingredients and mix them together into paste.
Then you are going to take the paste, and rub it in a circular motion all over your thighs and butt. Do this for 3-5 minutes
making sure to get all of your troubled areas. Then rinse off in the shower with warm water.

Extra Natural organic cellulite tips.
1.Grapefruit can help can reduce the appearance of cellulite as well, buy drinking the juice
and also applying the essential oil to the skin with a carrier oil like grape-seed oil or jojoba.
it is best if you drink the juice directly from the grapefruit or find a good quality grapefruit juice.

2.Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep toxins flowing out and staying in your body.

3.Invest in a skin brush or a great loofa sponge and use it to stimulate circulation Try to this 3 times a day 2 at the least.

The key to this natural treatment is persistence.

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Natural and Organic Calming Milk Bath For Irrtiated Skin


These days your skin takes a serious beating dealing with UV rays,detergent, etc all of these thing can cause much stress and trauma to your skin. So every now and then you need to give your a treat to thank it for every thing it does for you.
I can not think of a better way than to give your skin a soothing natural and organic bath treat. This bath will embrace and soothe your skin at the same time. The smell of the lavender will be sure to take the stress of your day away

Organic lavender essential oil 1 can of goats milk and 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil. With the olive oil
you can add more or less olive oil. This bath is very simple to do. As your bath water is running add 3-5 drops of lavender in your water, Then take the can of goats milk and pour into your bath water, next add the olive oil make sure to be careful when stepping in and out of your tub. Now just just step and relax maybe light a candle or two so you can truly enjoy you natural and organic bath time.

Angelique Deleon

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Five Natural and Organic Beauty Tips For 2013


Happy New Year to all. Here are Five natural and organic beauty tips to give your beauty routine a boost.

1. Drink plenty of water to keep you skin clear and a beautiful.

2. Check the label of your products to see what is really in them.Many skin care companies abuse the natural and organic label so that they can sell products

3. Blueberries should become a staple in your diet,the benefits of blueberries are amazing. here are just a few benefits of eat blue berries.
1.Providing antioxidants
Anthocyanins, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, B complex and several minerals boost immunity and prevent infections. Now days with all of these super bugs running around, You want you immune system to be strong and healthy.

2. Slowing breakdown of bone
Blueberries fight osteoporosis by slowing the breakdown of bone with its multitude of vitamins and antioxidants.

4.If you are on a budget and need a under eye treatment, Well break open an vitamin E capsule and dab the liquid gently on the under eye and in the corners of the outer area of the eyes and dab a little on the eye lid.

5. Keep a aloe plant in your home this amazing plant has so many healing benefits. To me this plant is a natural and organic staple that should always be kept on hand.The gel that is inside of the aloe plant is good for the following:Burns, dry scalp, irritated skin.

Angelique Deleon

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Where are my natural and organic bloggers?


I would love to trade links with and talk to other natural and organic bloggers out there.
Are you looking for a guest blogger? If so you do not have to look any further. I can deliver fresh content to your blog
that your subscribers will enjoy while,also enlightening them on the natural organic lifestyle.

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Natural and Organic Hair Mask Recipe


Our hair goes through so much on a daily basis, From sun damage to heating tools. The following recipe helped to retore the moisture in my hair. I would like to share it with you. The following items will be needed the best part is everything is natural so you do not have o worry about harsh chemical and word you can not pronounce going on your hair. If you are allergic to avocados or dairy this recipe may not be for you.

You will need.
1 Ripe avocado mashed
1 banana mashed
1 cup of coconut milk
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
Mix all these ingredient together until well blended. Apply to the hair and let it sit for 15-20 minute’s. You can cover hair with a conditioning cap or set under the hair dryer if you wish. When done rinse and add your favorite natural moisturizer. This recipe can be changed to suit your hair type. I always say no one knows your hair better than you.

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Natrual Organic Body Scrub For Autumn


Well Fall is here which means we may not be showing as much, skin as in the summer but that does not mean we should neglect skin. Here is a great scrub that will moisturize and keep your skin silky smooth. The best part is everything is natural and organic. So lets get started.

1. 2 cups of oats
2. 1/4 cup olive oil
3. 1/4 cup of butter milk
4. 2 tablespoons of honey

Once you have mixed all of your ingredients together. Step into your shower and wet your skin first, then with your mixture start from your shoulders down, be gentle do not rub to hard you always want to teat your skin with tender loving care. Allow the mixture to stay on your skin for a least 5 minutes.

After the five minutes are up rinse off with tepid water. Once you are done with the rest of your shower routine step out and enjoy your silky smooth skin. Oh do not forget to get those elbows and heels. Step out and use your favorite natural moisturizer to keep your skin supple and smooth. More posts are on the way

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Four Natural Oils To Always Have On Hand Part 1


Well Fall is on its way and for some of this means dry skin is on the way too. So with that in mind I put together this list of natural and organic oils that can help keep your skin healthy. Any of these oils can be add to your daily skin care and beauty routine. Grape seed oil,Almond oil,Olive oil,Jojoba oil These oils can be added to the following.

1. Add a dash of jojoba oil to your favorite organic lotion to boost the- JoJoba mimics the sebum found naturally in human skin and can replenish skin that has become dry due to age, weather, environmental pollutants or stresses.

2. Add a dash of olive oil to your favorite hair conditioner

3. Take a little almond oil and it your favorite organic facial moisturizer.

4. Grape seed oil is a wonderful oil for those that have facial acne or body acne, it does not clog the pores and it actually can tone and tighten the skin. You can add this natural oil to your bath water or your favorite organic shower gel

There is more to come about these important oils, With so many harsh ingredients added to our skin care products and hair products these days. It is refreshing to find natural and organic ways to add to our beauty and grooming routines.

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Is It Really Natural and Organic!!! Beauty Supply Nonsense


It has come to my attention that beauty supply stores are starting sell natural and organic products.

The sad thing many of the products are BS. Please take the time to read the label you will be surprised what they claim to be natural and organic is not. Also what is the percentage of the organic or natural ingredient that is in the product? Manufacturers can get away with a lot as long as they stay certain guidelines. Doing this keeps their costs down, which is good for them, but not so good for you. So keep this in mind when purchasing products for your skin.

Your skin is valuable so never skimp on products you put on your skin. Even if you are on a budget there are ways of purchasing quality products for your skin. Below are a few tips that have saved me money in the past. I hope they can be of use to you

1. Always check the clearance section of your favorite health food.

2. Check your favorite products website to see if they have coupons available or if they are running a special

3.Do you have a buddy a relative or friend you can split the cost of your products with.
* I split the cost of coconut oil,Shea butter etc, With my sister we both save money in the end *

Did you know some makers of organic products, actually still but petroleum jelly in their products?

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